Comparison Data Mining Techniques To Prediction Diabetes Mellitus

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Aswan Supriyadi Sunge


Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases caused by excess sugar in the blood. Various methods of automated algorithms in various to anticipate and diagnose diabetes. One approach to data mining method can help diagnose the patient's disease. In the presence of predictions can save human life and begin prevention before the disease attacks the patient. Choosing a legitimate classification clearly expands the truth and accuracy of the system as levels continue to increase. Most diabetics know little about the risk factors they face before the diagnosis. This method uses developing five predictive models using 9 input variables and one output variable from the dataset information. The purpose of this study was to compare performance analysis of Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, SVM, K-NN and ANN models to predict diabetes millitus


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SungeA. S. (2019). Comparison Data Mining Techniques To Prediction Diabetes Mellitus. Journal of Sustainable Engineering: Proceedings Series, 1(2), 225-230.


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