Design of Hybrid Energy Control System for Powering Small Scale Green House

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Vecky C. Poekoel
Riecky Poekoel
Jane I. Litouw
Sherwin R.U.A. Sompie
Reynold F. Robot
Feisy D. Kambey
Pinrolinvic D.K. Manembu


The world energy crisis from non-renewable fossil energy sources greatly impacts the electricity sector. Meanwhile energy is needed to ensure food security is estimated at 38 percent of the energy consumed in the food system. Agrifood systems require renewable energy, access to modern energy services in rural areas, technology related to climate-smart agriculture. Hybrid technology makes it possible, we combine several new and renewable energy sources to save electricity more effectively and efficiently. Able to manage the shifting period of any renewable energy source in hybrid energy by the control system. In this case, each of these new renewable energies can be arranged based on their respective existence. With the existence of a power plant with renewable energy in the form of hybrid energy, it can also facilitate farmers in terms of electricity sources because in the most recent agriculture there is no electricity installed. With this method farmers can process the natural products they have easily, and are cost-effective.


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PoekoelV. C., PoekoelR., Litouw J. I., SompieS. R., RobotR. F., KambeyF. D., & ManembuP. D. (2019). Design of Hybrid Energy Control System for Powering Small Scale Green House. Journal of Sustainable Engineering: Proceedings Series, 1(1), 108-112.


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