This issue contains the articles from The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Engineering Practices (IConSEP 2018), that was held in Manado, on 8-9 November 2018. IConSEP is an annual conference organized by the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sam Ratulangi, which started from 2018 onward. Visit the conference website for further information about IConSEP 2018.


Published: 2019-06-30

Acceleration Response Spectra for M 7.4 Donggala Earthquake and Comparison with Design Spectra

Bambang Sunardi, Sulastri, Dwikorita Karnawati, Urip Haryoko, Supriyanto Rohadi, Sigit Pramono, Ari Sungkowo


Design of Eco-Drainage System for Real Estate in Indonesia

Cilcia Kusumastuti, Herry Pintardi Chandra, Kristanto Wibisono, Antonius Christoper Hartono


Design of Sustainable Road Drainage System Model

Andung Yunianta, Suripin, Bagus Hario Setiadji


Mapping of Waste Bank Management Area in Manado City

Piet Pusung, Felly Warouw, Shirly Lumeno


Hourly Rainfall Distribution Pattern in the Northern Coast of Bolaang Mongondow

Jeffry S.F. Sumarauw, Sisca V. Pandey, Roski R.I. Legrans


COBIT 5 Monitoring and Evaluation on the Electronic Procurement Services in Gorontalo Province

Stephan Adriansyah Hulukati, Arief Setyanto, Nina Kurnia Hikmawati


Ship-to-Shore Wireless Communication for Asynchronous Data Delivery to the Remote Islands

Alwin M. Sambul, Sherwin R.U.A. Sompie, Daniel Febrian Sengkey, Agustinus Jacobus, Alicia A.E. Sinsuw


Design of Hybrid Energy Control System for Powering Small Scale Green House

Vecky C. Poekoel, Riecky Poekoel, Jane I. Litouw, Sherwin R.U.A. Sompie, Reynold F. Robot, Feisy D. Kambey, Pinrolinvic D.K. Manembu


Implementation of Automatic In-store Dryer for Improving Agriculture Product

Vecky C. Poekoel, Jane I. Litouw, Reynold F. Robot, Pinrolinvic D.K. Manembu, Feisy D. Kambey