Ship-to-Shore Wireless Communication for Asynchronous Data Delivery to the Remote Islands

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Alwin M. Sambul
Sherwin R.U.A. Sompie
Daniel Febrian Sengkey
Agustinus Jacobus
Alicia A.E. Sinsuw


Nowadays, many people who live in remote islands of Indonesia are still facing difficulties in terms of access to information. In the locations where end-to-end communication is not available, the asynchronous approach can be utilized to send information in the form of digital data. In some areas, we could utilize passenger ships or ferries as physical carriers to deliver digital data to the people in the remote islands which are located at a particular range of distance from the ship’s passing routes. This paper reports the channel performance of long-range WiFi connection oversea at 5 GHz using the real ship’s route at the North Sulawesi province‘s water in Indonesia as a sample scenario. The measurement results showed that the most stable ship-to-shore communication can be achieved in ±15 minutes at the maximum distance between the ship and shore of about 4 km. The maximum channel capacity was 120 Mbps for upload (from ship to shore) and 53 Mbps for download (from shore to ship), which is enough to deliver gigabytes of information to the people at the islands every time the ship passes by.


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SambulA. M., SompieS. R., SengkeyD. F., JacobusA., & Sinsuw A. A. (2019). Ship-to-Shore Wireless Communication for Asynchronous Data Delivery to the Remote Islands. Journal of Sustainable Engineering: Proceedings Series, 1(1), 103-107.


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