Implementing Support Vector Machine Sentiment Analysis to Students' Opinion toward Lecturer in an Indonesian Public University

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Daniel Febrian Sengkey
Agustinus Jacobus
Fabian Johanes Manoppo


Student feedback is an important evaluation tool for quality improvement. Moreover, in Indonesian higher education system there is an assessment regulation that puts special attention to the availability of the student feedback system. However, parts of the questionnaire are in the form of descriptive text that requires more effort for analysis. This situation leads to a very tiresome work in case of the number of documents reaches several hundred or even thousands. There were some efforts to apply computer-assisted classification by utilizing machine learning, however, most of them only analyzed English documents. Only a handful that studied the classification of documents in Bahasa Indonesia. In reality, we found some cases where the students used mixed languages while filling the evaluation forms. Therefore, in this study, we expand the application of text classification by using Support Vector Machne (SVM) to cases of student feedback in mixed languages. The model was built computationally and from the test, we get 74% accuracy and 0.46 Kappa value.


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SengkeyD. F., JacobusA., & ManoppoF. J. (2019). Implementing Support Vector Machine Sentiment Analysis to Students’ Opinion toward Lecturer in an Indonesian Public University. Journal of Sustainable Engineering: Proceedings Series, 1(2), 194-198.


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